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Annual Performance Review Held in Shenghe Resources


Annual Performance Review of Shenghe Resource headquarters was held in Chengdu, 29th December 2017. The meeting was hosted by Deputy General Manager Weng Ronggui. Nine departments presented their respective annual performance review. General Manager Tang Guangyue made concluding remarks.


Mr. Weng introduced the general business outlook of Shenghe Resources in 2017. Shenghe Resources’ development has kept steady paces, and reached to the upper and lower streams of rare earth industrial chain. Major breakthroughs were achieved in both domestic and international markets. Initial development in corporate internal control, corporate management, and synergy among subsidiaries were fulfilled. 

Secretary to the Borad, Mr. Huang Houbing summarized Shenghe’s performance in the capital market. Shenghe Resource has made its developmental ideals and achievements recognized in the market, on which basis, the stock price reached a historical high in summer. Capital maneuver in international market also paved a solid way for Shenghe’s overseas business. 

CFO Ms. Xia Lantian reported financial work. In 2017, the financial work of Shenghe Resources was steady and pro-active. Profitability increased with steady cash flow, which effectively supported the capital maneuver and development in Shenghe’s subsidiaries. 

Deputy General Manager Zeng Ming, Assistant to the GM Du Yuanzhong, Assistant to the GM Wang Yanli, and Assistant to the GM Guo Xiaolei reported respectively the progresses in Leshan Shenghe, Hanxin Mining, market sales, and business expanding. 

General Manager, Mr. Tang Guangyao made the final remarks. He concluded that year 2017 is monumental in Shenghe’s development, and marked with progressiveness, coordination, and a turning point for development. The whole company kept hungry to innovation and new knowledge. Various business modules witnessed major progress. Pioneering development was achieved. On the other hand, as 28 subsidiaries joined in, systematic management and internal control were improved as a result of team work.


Mr. Tang also concluded, with decades of fast development, Shenghe Resources is now a big company, ranking among the tops worldwide. While Shenghe Resource achieved leap-type development, it also faces a turning point in development. In the future, the company needs to reinforce internal coordination and cooperation, integrate global resources. Therefore, in 2018, employees of Shenghe should further exert their potential to enhance internal institution building, to pursue rapid development with god quality, and to practice environmental laws with seriousness, so as to carry out our President Mr. Hu Zesong’s strategy for “Green Shenghe”, “Humane Shenghe”, “Open Shenghe”, “Scientific Shenghe” a reality.