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“New Era, New Shenghe”— Annual Meeting Held in Hainan


2nd, February, annual meeting of 2017 of Shenghe Resources Holding Co., ltd was held in Haikou, Hainan province. The meeting was sponsored by Shenghe Resource, and organized by Hainan Wensheng High-Tech Materials Co., ltd.


Mr. Dong Wen, President of Hainan Wensheng, hosted the meeting. Mr. Tang Guangyue, General Manager of Shenghe Resources made opening remarks. Leshan Shenghe, Ganzhou Chenguang, Kebairui, Hanxin Mining, and SKN presented their annual report. Mr. Hu Zesong, President of Shenghe Resources, and Mr. He Haijun, Vice President of China Rare Earth Co., ltd made concluding remarks.


Mr. Tang Guangyue pointed out in the opening remarks that, macroeconomically, global economy is still optimistic with China and USA leading the growth. The development of AI would bring forward revolution to economic growth. For Shenghe Resources, it would hold an advantageous position with China’s continuous support the Rare Earth industry and breakthroughs in high technological areas. In 2018, Shenghe Resources needs to grasp every opportunity in the market, customers, innovation and overseas industrial chain, and make good use of the favorable national policies and our own advantages, so as to develop our own industrial clusters.


Mr. He Haijun made a concluding remark as special guest. He said, through merger, reorganization, overseas development, internal management and innovation, Shenghe managed to become bigger and more influential. In year 2017, Shenghe estimates net profit would go up to 300-400 million RMB. It’s impressive achievement. Nowadays, Shenghe has a more inclusive industrial configuration, stable ore supply, and leading technology in mineral separation. CHALCO has been working very closely with Shenghe in the integrating rare earth resource in Sichuan Province. It’s a win-win situation for both of us. CHALCO positions itself as a major player in glabol nonferrous market. Shenghe aims to orderly explore global rare earth resource. The two parties have similar views on the future, therefore, it’s imperative to further stabilize and enhance cooperation between the two corporations.