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“New Era, New Shenghe”—— Subsidiary Corporations Report 2017 Annual Work


2nd, February, annual meeting of 2017 of Shenghe Resources Holding Co., ltd was held in Haikou, Hainan province. Leshan Shenghe, Ganzhou Chenguang, Kebairui, Hanxin Mining, and SKN presented their annual report.


Mr. Zeng Ming, President of Leshan Shenghe Rare Earth Co., ltd, made the first presentation. In 2017, Leshan Shenghe kept steady development through focusing on overall planning, production, innovation, quality, corporate culture, and risk management. Leshan Shenghe has been proactive to keep in line with national environmental protection policies and safety regulations. Environmental protection facilities were upgraded to realize zero release of gas & water. In 2018, Leshan Shenghe will continue to concentrate on corporate culture, promote productivity and environmental protection, and support Shenghe’s global strategy with full strength.


Mr. Huang Jianrong, General Manager of Ganzhou Chenguang Rare Earth Co., ltd, explained his report, elaborating on indicators of revenue, profit, and budget management, etc. Ganzhou Chenguang made impressive breakthroughs in safety & environmental protection, institutional building, project declaration and informationization. Ganzhou Chenguang also completed Internal Control Manual and Employee Manual. Corporate costs and logistic efficiency were enhanced through informationization. Chenguang was endorsed with multiple verifying certificates on “High-Tech Enterprise". In 2018, Chenguang would continue its maneuvering on intelligent factory, stabilize suppliers, and expand market opportunities.


Ms. Dong Yan, Assistant to President of Hainan Wensheng, presented the third report. She explained various indicators pointing to Hainan Wensheng’s management. Production of zircon sand and titanium rose dramatically, quality accepted, market share expanded. Hainan Wensheng was very serious with internal control, cost reduction, and efficiency. Now it has realized leading production cost, qualification rate and recycle rate in the industry. In 2017, Hainan Wensheng was proactive to fulfill requirements from Shenghe Resources, and made great deal on corporate culture and safety & environmental protection. Corporate management was promoted.